Specialization in Cooking (NOT Available)

Specialization in Cooking (NOT Available)

Duration :
15 Days [2.5 Hours Session]
Fees :
Rs. 37500/-


Day 1 : Introduction of Vegetables,Different Shape and cutting.

Types of cutting Chopping julienne,fine julienne brnoise cut,paysanne cut, cube cut,Dice cut,shape cutting

Day 3 :Making of soups Vegetable stock, clear soup,Thick soup, pureed soup.

Hot & sour spup,Ministorni soup,Lemon coriander,Cream of veg,Tomato soup

Day 5 :Making of Dip sauces Derivative of mayonnaise

Cocktail sauce,Tartare sauce,Harissa sauce,Homemade piri piri sauce,salsa sauce,indian coriander mint chutney

Day 7 : Rice cooking indian style

Veg pulav,Veg biryani,Saffron rice,Jeera rice

Day 9 : Basic Indian Gravies White Gravy, Red & Brown Gravy

White Gravy,Tomato gravy,Onion gravy.

Day 11 : Sandwiches and burgers and subz. Hot & Cold Sandwiches with accompaniment

Minted paneer burger,Veg burger,Veg sandwiches,Chutney sandwiches

Day 13 : Oriental dish

Fried rice,Hakka noodles,Paneer chilly,veg manchurian,Thai curry,malay curry

Day 2 : Introduction to herbs and spices. Uses of seasoning as used in Modern Cookery. Methods of Cooking food: Blanching, frying, roasting, poaching,

Roast Potato, Mash patato, saute vegitable, onion Rings, blanching of spinach,beans and corrot. Mayonise Making

Day 4 : Making of sauces Mother sauces and Derivative Pizza concasse sauce

Tomato sauce,Bechemal sauce,Veg brown sauce,Veg.Valute,Pesto

Day 6 : Making of snacks or side orders Vegetable Cutlets, Croquettes, Pakora,

Cheesy bullets,Vegetable cutlets,Veg croquettes,veg pakora,Paneer pakora

Day 8 : Indian bread making Rotti and Puri, kulcha, stuffed Paratha, Dal makhni , Chana Mashala

Plain roti,Puri,Coriander kulcha,Aloo paratha,paneer paratha.Dal makhani,Chana masala

Day 10 : ITALIAN DISHES Fresh dough pizza and pasta and baked Dish

Margharitha pizza,Classic veg.pizza,Arabiata pasta,Pink sauce pasta,Baked macaroni,Veg lasagne

Day 12 : Mexican Dishes

Nachos cheese & salsa,Mexican tacos,Baked quesadillas,Minted paneer gyros

Day 14 : Indian sweets

Misti DOi , rasgulla , Baked gulab jamon, sandesh.

Day 15 : Drinks , shakes and celebration.

Benefits of student

  1. Certification from manjus the art of cooking .
  2. 100% HANDS ON learning experience.
  3. Highly experienced Chef’s providing a world-class educational experience.
  4. Our facility is also outfitted with the very best of equipment, to match the growing standards of the baking industry.
  5. Get free baking tool kit from Manjus The Art Of Cooking.
  6. This entire course is Egg Free & Gelatin Free.

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