Specialization In Baking

Specialization In Baking

Duration :
15 Days [2.5 Hours Session]
Fees :
Rs. 37500/-



Vanilla and chocolate sponge cake making.
And there icing and decoration.Fresh Fruitcake, black forest cake.

Day3.Only Cake Decoration and Practice

Making of chocolate Fan, Cigar, piping with different nozzles, Making of cream roses and using of transfer sheets


Doughnut, apple pie, banana bread

Day7.Cup Cakes

Making of soft cupcake from scratch recipe Chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet Butter icing making, Oreo cookie cream, cream cheese frosting and caramel frosting, fondant icing.

Day9-10-11.Fondant 3 D Cakes

How to make fondant and how handle. How to lair the sponge cake while making a 3d shape cake.

Day13.Making of Puff and Kharis

how to make laminated puff dough and there uses

Day2.Sponge Making from Pre Mixes

Chocolate truffle icing,Chocolate orange cake, rich chocolate excess cake.


Bread loaf, pao, burger, garlic bread,Dinner Roll

Day6.Cookies and Brownies

American short bread, chocolate chip cookies and centre filled cookies Brownies


Making of baked cheesecake and chilled cheesecake.

Day12.Regular Compound Chocolate

American Fruit (hard and nutty), Chocó rocher (truffle boll), Peanut butter (soft cantered)

Day14.Special Breads and Pizza

Pizza turnover, calzone Pizza, foccacia

Day15.Four Types Of Pastry Making

Swiss Roll, Pyramid, Cassata, Mocha

Benefits of student

  1. Certification from manjus the art of cooking .
  2. 100% HANDS ON learning experience.
  3. Highly experienced Chef’s providing a world-class educational experience.
  4. Our facility is also outfitted with the very best of equipment, to match the growing standards of the baking industry.
  5. Get free baking tool kit from Manjus The Art Of Cooking.
  6. This entire course is Egg Free & Gelatin Free.

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